Facebook Tips

1. Create a Facebook Page.

Be active. Set yourself apart from other gyms in your area with cool pictures and videos of activities at your gym and at various community events.

2. Create a Facebook Group.

Still needed if you have a Facebook Page as it is a place where your members can post etc. Should be open so prospective members can see the community.

3. Add the Facebook Pixel to your website/landing pages.

Placing this snippet of code on your website and landing pages allows Facebook to place ads you create in front of FB users who land on that page but did not contact you. See the link below to see how you can set this up.

4. Use Facebook Live.

Download the app and start taking video. Make sure you save the post so that other users can view it later. This drives a ton of traffic … a FB Live broadcast of a comp we hosted in May had almost 10,000 views.

5. Set up some Facebook Ads. 

You can boost posts and FB Live videos. Come up with a good offer and create a target audience. Use the pixel to retarget warm prospects who have already been on your site with specific ads (such as a testimonial).

Once people find your gym, you need to keep in contact with these leads as they move through your onboarding process to an Intro, a Fundamental and eventually a New Member. We’ve created a series of email templates that you can download here for free.




1. Set It Up.

Why create an account? To reach users in their Teens to Late 20’s who aren’t necessarily on Facebook.

2. Advertise on Instagram.

Easy … choose this placement option in Facebook Ads.

3. Manage It.

If you don’t “get it” have a younger instructor or member of your community manage it.


1. Set It Up and Manage It.

Connect it to your website so that your WOD’s auto post.