This is the first video in the Grow Your Gym series where I go through the things we did to grow our gym from 110 members to 240 members in less than a year. You can watch the second video in the series where we discuss Your Website here.

Gym Landing Pages Requirements

In the first episode, I discuss how you can use landing pages as a way of directing new leads into your funnel. The topics covered are: Offer, Headline, Text/Copy, Image, Ad Consistency and Short URLs. A short summary of each follows the video link below.


Make sure that you are offering something that the right people want. Your offer has to align with what you are selling so in the case of a gym, offering a free one hour ‘no sweat intro’ or goal setting session makes sense as these are people interested in getting fit. Offering a free iPad would only fill your Intros with people who want an iPad and have no intention of continuing with you.


The headline’s job is to get people to continue to read your text/copy. Make sure that there is a good hook that pull’s them in and that it is concise.


Like the headline, take a lot of time working on a clean, ideally short, amount of text describing what they will get and how it will benefit them.


Make sure it is a good quality picture(s) of your gym and people in it (including you ideally).

DO NOT use stock photos … people know when they are looking at them and it comes across as phony.

Ad Consistency

When you are running ads from Facebook, Google, etc. make sure that you are using the same image and offer. If a prospect clicks on an ad but sees a different looking landing page, their guard will immediately go up and it is much more likely that they will click back.

In addition to losing the leads, platforms like Facebook see this as a negative experience for their users and you will be penalized with higher ad costs and lower placements.

Short URLs

A short url is a quick way to get people to your landing page. Instead of sending people to we bought an additional domain which redirects to our landing page. While we have our full website with the workouts and instructor bios at, our signage sends leads to

I hope that this is helpful … the next video in the series will be released next week.

If you want to see not only what we did but how we did it, you can checkout our 15 minute webinar here.