Get More Members and Keep Them

The First Conversational Marketing Platform for Gyms

Get More Members and Keep Them

The first conversational marketing platform for gyms that automatically turns leads into members and helps you keep them.

Captures leads from your website, landing pages & Facebook page. Combines emails, texts and FB Messages to you into one place. Automatically books intros with you through Google Calendar.

What is Conversational Marketing?

You are already doing it … when you respond to emails from your website or messages from your Facebook Page you are doing conversational marketing.

While it’s the best way to get someone in the door, it can be a lot of work going back and forth (and sometimes you lose track of people)

… but there is a better way.

How OnRamp Can Help You …

All Conversations in One Place

Keep track of all conversations by email, text or Facebook Messenger. Stop checking multiple apps. Stop checking to see if someone reached out to a new lead or member.

Automated Emails, Texts and Tasks

OnRamp comes with automatic sequences that can not only send emails and text messages but also set tasks for you or a coach to reach out to people. Tweak whatever you want and get going.

Saved Replies that Save You Time

Save replies that you usually send to people like directions or what each class is like. Personalize the message before you send it.

Automatically Book Intros in Facebook Messenger

Build Your Funnel

Capture Leads

Track all your leads from your website, landing pages and Facebook.

Book Intros

Leads can schedule Intros easily online or you can do it for them.

Track Fundamentals

Know exactly where everyone is in their Fundamentals journey with you.

Great Content

Ready To Go

OnRamp ships with a ton of great email and text sequences ready to go.

You can modify any of these or create you own for any other program you are launching.

Leads & Intros

Leads and Intros receive emails that nurture them toward booking an Intro or signing up for Fundamentals.


Reinforce what they are learning in your Fundamentals program so they sign up as members.

New Members

New Members receive emails and texts for the first year marking key moments. Coaches are assigned tasks to reach out and see how each member is doing.


Put them on a reactivation sequence focused on bringing them back.


“This program is the best thing that has ever happened to my gym.”

Mark Linsky

Owner, CrossFit Solar

One Click Integrations

Connect Your Gym’s Facebook Page

Receive and send Facebook Messages within OnRamp. Let leads book Intros directly from the Messenger window. Post to Facebook directly from OnRamp.

Connect Your Google Calendar

Allow coaches to see upcoming bookings in their Calendar. Schedule bookings in your leads’ Calendars. Let Google notify and remind leads of upcoming bookings.

Everything in One Place

No need to use landing page providers like Lead Pages™ or ClickFunnels™, email providers like MailChimp™, text message providers like Skipio™ or scheduling apps like Acuity™ or Calendly™.

OnRamp handles all of that for you.