Last month we surveyed 30 CrossFit gyms to find out how they are bringing new members on board. We wanted to share some of the findings (if you want the full survey you can request a pdf of all the results here).

Intro Sessions

Most gyms are still offering a free Intro (sometimes referred to as a ‘No Sweat Intro’).

Of those gyms, 2/3 are doing a workout during the Intro session. In other words, 40% of all the gyms surveyed will let you do a workout for free.

Fundamentals, Foundations, etc.

Whether they do a free Intro of not, 90% of gyms are still some additional classes to bring people up to speed.

Without a Free Intro Session (12 gyms)
After a Free Intro Session (18 gyms)

These fundamentals/foundations classes have shifted to mostly one-on-one classes or at most 3. This is no doubt due to the difficulty in finding a time that works for a larger group.

More Information

There was quite a bit of information in the remainder of the survey relating to the length of Fundamentals (number of classes), how they were booked, how the first day is handled, retention, etc.

If you want the rest of the answers, please enter your email below and I will send you a pdf of the full report.