This is the second video in the Grow Your Gym series where I go through the things we did to grow our gym from 110 members to 240 members in less than a year. You can watch the previous video in the series where we discuss Landing Pages here.

Your Gym’s Website

In the second episode, I discuss how you can use your website to get more leads into your funnel. The topics covered are: Website Traffic, Form Placement, Acknowledging Receipt, Responding Immediately and your Thank You page. A short summary of each follows the video link below.

Website Traffic

Your website may already have decent traffic from your members coming to your site to check workouts/news or from leads that have found you through Google etc.

You need to capture these leads by offering something that they want related to what you sell. Many gyms will offer a free intro session (see the Offer in the previous episode). Your website should have a form that allows people to book a free intro session.

Book an Intro Form

While many websites will have a Contact Us page, you could also have page dedicated to new people who may want to join (in our case we have a Join page). A form that allows someone to book a free Intro should be on these pages as well as on the Home Page.

Our website,, has this form in the sidebar for every page of the website to make sure we give leads an opportunity to join whenever they make that decision.

The form should have a minimal number of fields. Anything more than name, email and phone number could add unnecessary friction to the sign up process and reduce the number of people who complete the form.

Acknowledge Receipt

As soon as they click the ‘Book It’ button on our form, they are instantly told that their information has been received and that we will be in touch with them as soon as we are available. This could be a pop up or it could be a Thank You page.

Thank You Page

In addition to letting them know we have received their information and will be getting in touch, our Thank You page gives options on some upcoming intro sessions that they can book. Since we already have their name, email and phone number, all they need to do is choose a time. This is extremely effective with over two thirds of the people who complete the form doing this.

The attendance for these sessions is very high as we have an email confirmation that goes out at that time, an email reminder the day before and a text message that morning reminding them to bring their gym gear. To reduce no shows, we also automatically book this in their Google calendar.

Respond Immediately

While sooner is always better than later, do not let any inquiry go longer than 1 day before you respond. People will understand that you may be in the middle of a class … just make sure that you start that dialog with them as soon as possible.

To that end, an automated email is ok as long as it doesn’t sound canned. When they respond to it, make sure that you reference what they said in the previous email by answering any questions etc so that they know they are talking to you. This is the start of your relationship with them … make it count.


I hope that this is helpful … the next video in the series will be released later this week.

If you want to see not only what we did but how we did it, you can checkout our 15 minute webinar here.