This is the fifth video in the Grow Your Gym series where I go through how we used newsletters to help grow our gym from 110 members to 240 members in less than a year. You can watch the previous video in the series where we discuss Referrals here.

Newsletters For Your Gym

In this episode, I discuss how you can use newsletters as a way of getting more leads into your funnel. The topics covered are: Show Expertise, Boost Engagement, Improve Retention, Reacquire Leads and Drive Referrals. A short summary of each follows the video link below.

This is old school but still a great way to grow your gym.

What Are They?

For our purposes, newsletters are basically emails with one or more articles that educate on a particular topic. You can write about nutrition, mobility, etc., highlight members or coaches at your gym, or talk about upcoming events.

To do this you need to have your members’ email addresses and a way to send them. Don’t get too wrapped up in complex formatting. In many cases a simple layout is just as good if not better.

Show Expertise

This is a great way for you to show your members what you know about nutrition or mobility. Even if it isn’t your content per se (ie you are sharing information from another source), your members will appreciate that you are curating content for them.

Boost Engagement

Sending it by email often has a better chance of being read instead of randomly showing up in their Facebook feed. While we will often post the content to our Facebook page as well, we get more feedback from people who read the email.

Improve Retention

As a business owner you need to give value to your customers. Every time you are engaging with your members improves your retention by bringing people back to the gym who have been off for a while or just keeping them there.

Reacquire Leads

Our newsletter gets sent to all of our leads. In addition to showing our expertise, it keeps us top of mind for the lead. To make it easier, we have a link at the top and at the bottom for the lead to sign up for an Intro class.

Drive Referrals

When we send our newsletter to our members, the link at the top and bottom changes to ask our members for a referral. This is another great way to get more people into your gym.

Newsletters are awesome.